On Critcism

I tasked Chris to offer me two criticisms of this site. They’ve resulted in a few hours of work and an overall higher level of polish. Thanks, Chris for the following points or change.

Mobile Formatting

The mobile formatting of this was a bit bonkers. The “page” layout with dropshadows etc are great for a programmer-chic aesthetic, but it’s not something that has value on a 4 or 5 inch screen. I updated the mobile formatting to fix all of this. CSS and HTML remain, in my opinion, a hodgepodge of serviceable but arcane dichotomies.

A lot of this type of work is mining through stackoverflow articles that delve into dichotomous partnerships between “width” and "device-width", “pixels” and "ems", “margin” and "padding".

Headers and Footers

Chris recommended a the rust colored headers and footers with a simple photoshop mock. This was not only a good suggestion, but it was delivered in a manner I hope I learn from in the future. If a picture is worth 1000 words, then a suggestion in the form of a picture shows that the delivery contains a bit of thought-out-edness and it’s also an unambiguous delivery.


Find a creative endeavor that you’ve invested yourself in, and find thought leaders that you trust and have rapport with. Request that they give your work 2 critical comments or suggestions. Accept their criticism without argument and thank them, then try to understand what they mean, and their perspective upon giving it.