Blog Creation

I am a procrastinator. Before I wanted to begin yet another blog, of course, I thought it would be apropos to create a blogging platform, but one that was simple enough to understand.

For my simple purposes I thought a flat text file deal would be perfect, and since I am lucky enough to have nerdy friends, I was able to scavange some php wizardry from my buddy, @phillipkd who "threw something together in 30 minutes" for his own blog.

How it works

/content/blog/index.php serves the page that has the blog entries. It combs through /content/blog/pages and looks for all ".txt" files.

This page is served from:

"2017-6-30-18-21-52 blog creation.txt" If you want to see the actual raw text file click here.

Files are preceded by a date time YYYY-MM-DD-HH-MM-SS format which is stripped off by the php.

The filenames themselves determine how they show up in the manifest list (and the order).

All of the contents are formatted in "markdown" format by a single php file, which lets me

Thanks for reading!