Boogie’s Gastric Bypass

@Boogie2988 who’s recently topped 540 pounds, has lost 20 or so pounds already after moving to a liquid diet. He will remain on this diet for a couple of weeks of keto before going in for a gastric bypass.

Maybe I’m still young, but I can’t help but continue to think, not me, not yet. Still, my BMI is less than 40, now, after having lost a bit of weight, so I’m a bit under the medical bar as it is. I hope, soon, to be under the lower bmi cutoff of 35 and thus out of the range of candidacy for such a drastic maneuver.

This subject, I chose in part, I think, because weight is such a touchy subject for so many. I have friends thinner than myself who’ve thrown around terms like “fat shaming” for people who were talking about their unhealthy choice of Starbucks beverage. Well, sweetie it is unhealthy. Is criticizing someone’s sugar laden beverage choices really “fat shaming”?

It’s not that touchy for me. I don’t know why. High truth tolerance?

Boogie has made a lot of references on his Youtube channels to various things he’s felt that have made food a comfort to him, or have made it difficult to lose weight.

He’s never really lashed out at people for “shaming him” and indeed he has a lot of loyal fans, like myself, who genuinely want to see him live more than a few more years.

And of course there are corners of the internet who attack him for not having lost the weight when Diamond Dallas Page made a plan for him, or for one of the other times he’s tried and, like myself, failed to lose weight.

I think the trolls might be more useful here than those who say that you can be healthy at any size, which is plainly untrue, as anorexia will kill you, as morbid obesity will kill you. This is something that folks like Boogie and I both understand very well. It’s not something worth sugar coating.

I wish you luck, Boogie.