After watching both Dawn of Justice and Justice League today with the kiddo and wife.

And after reading absolutely dismal Rotten Tomatoes reviews from critics on both of these titles, I'm conviced that the critics have diverged far, far to far from John Everyman.

The Last Jedi was a good accounting of this. The critics praised it, audiences were very torn. It seems that the two paries are looking for very different things.

For Justice League a reviewer seemed to feel that Wonder Woman had taken a back seat to the rest of the team, and lacked some of the empowered dynamism that made Wonder Woman such a nice film.

Justice League was pretty good, Wonder Woman was still a strong female. I think the only issue with these two filns, for reviews, are that they lack metaphor to the current politique that reviewers are so hungry to find alliance with.

Has social justice-ism taken over the critical reviews of film to the point, even to the point of excluding the "Justice League"?

I think it has.